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Why Network Architecture 2020?

No matter what application or use case is talked about as the next big thing, they all have one thing in common: they rely on the network.

So what's important about 2020?

With bandwidth usage, user expectations and the cost of delivering applications accelerating, 2020 is the year that networks need to have evolved significantly, in new ways.

It's not just about service providers, but any person or business relying on applications delivered over a network - which is just about everyone today.

This site is where I look to identify and research the trends, technologies and tribulations that will help us get to Network Architecture 2020.

Where to start?

This site is split into 3 sections. I recommend the 2020 section to start with, before moving on to the others.


Applications, expectations and economics will force networks to evolve in new ways by 2020.


My thoughts on the how and why of technology, networking and the things that influence them.


Longer-form content such as eBooks, designed and written to flesh out a concept in more detail.