Network Architecture 2020 will be a clean reference architecture that embraces new technologies to solve the problems of 2020.

what do we need for 2020?

To be successful in 2020, network architecture must excel on 5 points:

  1. Application delivery
  2. Service agility
  3. Topological flexibility
  4. Economical expansion and operation
  5. Value chain advancement

technologies, trends and tribulations

The points represent trends or tribulations, addressed by technologies.


The research and innovations that provide the 'how'.


Things happening in and outside of the industry that provide the 'why'.


The problems that make us need a new 'how' to solve the 'why'.


Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV), millimetre-wave wireless networks and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) are all examples of technologies potentially providing the 'how'.


Increased usage of streaming video and real-time collaboration applications, collecting more data to make better decisions and increased user expectations are some examples of the 'why'.


The costs, tradeoffs and problems that make us need a new 'how' to solve the 'why', such as insufficient data transmission speed, impractical deployment or high operational costs.

getting to network architecture 2020

Many things need to be answered before we have a network architecture that can handle the needs of 2020.

Network Architecture 2020 is an evolving concept, driven by the 5 points and looking for the technology 'how' to help us meet the trend 'why', dealing with all the tribulations along the way.

The resulting network architecture fit for 2020 will continue to take shape, becoming clearer and being updated as research progresses.