What, Where, Why?

The technologies to power Network Architecture 2020 come in all shapes and sizes, touching every corner of the network.

Many will need new ways of thinking about how we solve problems, beyond today's comfortable solutions to those that provide what we need for 2020.

With so many new technologies needed, and plenty that aren't, how can we organise them in a way that makes sense?


The point of contact between the network and end device - branches of the network tree.


Where data from many access branches is aggregated - the trunk of the tree.

service enablement

The additions across the network to make services easier to deploy and operate.

But, that's not enough

Categorising technologies by the capabilities they provide and where they provide them is useful, but doesn't help us construct the architecture we need for 2020.

For that, we need to know if they're winners, losers or contenders.


The technologies we definitely need for 2020. Beneficial, realistic and timely.


Technologies that aren't necessarily bad - just not what we need for 2020.


These could win or lose, and we won't know without further research.

What's next?

We have building blocks, but what are we trying to solve with them? Let's take a look at the trends.