What is Network Architecture 2020?

Network Architecture 2020 is both a concept for the future of networking and the name of this site.

As a concept, it aims to describe how the different aspects and issues of networking and application delivery need to evolve to support the requirements expected by 2020, and how we can do it. The result will be a clean reference architecture that embraces new technologies to solve the problems of 2020.

As a site, it consists of not just content building to that goal, but also posts on networking and computing technology and some useful resources for people interested in learning more about certain things.

Who are you?

Hello! I'm Alex, a technologist, writer and researcher. I'm passionate about the how and why of technology, especially networking, and am always looking to find the strategic importance of things happening in and out of the industry as a technology researcher and industry analyst.

Holding an MSc in Network Engineering as well as vendor and industry certifications, I have been working in the networking industry for close to a decade across engineering, system architecture, marketing and product management.

I've also heard I cook a mean lasagne, but that's not important right now.

Whose opinions are these?

The opinions and all content on this site are strictly my own, and don't represent any other person or organisation in any way.

How can I contact you?

There's links to email and social media at the bottom of the page - fire away!

To save time, and to answer your first question, I like long walks on the beach.

What's with the letter u, and the use of whilst?

I'm English, and thus reserve the right to spell things properly.