What’s Happening In 2018 With Network Architecture 2020?

It’s been a little while since I’ve found the time to write up a blog post, so I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’ve been up to and what you can expect to see from me and from Network Architecture 2020 during 2018. I can’t believe it’s near the end of January already! Wow.

For the past few months, most of my writing time has been taken up with finishing my first book. It’s called Network Horizons: Emerging Technologies and Applications, 2018 Edition and the idea behind it is to identify and explain the what, why and when of 10 key areas of development in computer networking and telecommunications during 2018. It’s aimed at an audience that is interested in the current developments in network technology, but that doesn’t have the time to keep up with them in detail on a day-to-day basis and so could use a digestible reference that they can jump in and out of when needed to understand what they need to for a particular discussion, task or for interest.

Writing this book has been a very interesting experience and has by no means been easy. What started as a few scribbles in the back of a notebook in early 2017 has turned into a real book that when it’s published, should total around 600 pages. The book will be self-published through the usual eBook outlets very soon and I’ll even be getting some physical hardback copies made as well. I’ve been inspired for many years by my favourite authors, some of whom I’ve seen grow from blogging to contributing to and authoring books of their own, and in going through this process myself I have nothing but respect and admiration for authors of all types. It’s not easy to finish.

Writing this book has also reminded me of a very important point: even if it’s not perfect, it’s always better to make your idea into a finished reality rather than having it exist only in your mind or having it sit incomplete on your PC. I believe everyone has a project inside of them which they want to do, and even though it’s hard and may not come out exactly as you’d hoped, you won’t regret bringing it to completion. The time and effort spent making it so are worth it to see your creation in the flesh.

In addition, never was the idea that what seems to be 10% of a task takes 90% of the time truer than when writing a book. During the first draft, words may flow from your fingers so quickly it feels like you’ll get it all done within a month; then you come back and look at what you’ve written the next week and end up re-writing half of it! As important as it is to get your work close to perfect, you’ve also got to set a sensible cut-off point; a level you’re happy with even if it’s not total perfection.

So, what else is happening besides this book? Well, I’ll be adding more and varied content to the site during 2018, from articles and eBooks to videos across a variety of topics from wireless networks to developments in other areas of technology from protocols to edge computing. Another product review is also in progress which is exciting, and I’m planning for this book to be the first of many.

Here’s to 2018 and what we can all accomplish in the year ahead. There are many exciting projects on the horizon and I’m looking forward to each of them and wish you the best of luck with yours.